Sensory Friendly Finder

Find sensory-friendly experiences at events and locations.

Asian family planning trip seated on the truck of their car, using the Sensory Friendly Finder

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At Sensory Friendly Solutions, we are on a mission to make the world more sensory-friendly.

As sensory-friendly events and locations occur more and more worldwide, no one is bringing all them together in one place.  There is no central location to find, list and compare experiences.  Sensory Friendly Solutions is here to solve that problem.

We launched the first version of the Sensory Friendly Finder.  It started  in 2019 with 400 listings. The Finder quickly grew to over 1000 listings in 4 countries.  In early 2020, it had more than 30 categories of events, locations, products and services.  

Then the world changed.  As we all grapple with COVID-19, we are working diligently to update the Sensory Friendly Finder.  Events and locations are slowly coming back to life.  Moreover, sensory-friendly experiences are just as meaningful and increasingly important.  The added stress and anxiety everyone feels during this global pandemic and recovery makes sensory-friendly experiences all the more needed.  As we start to go back to a busy, noisy, and bright world, more people look to feel comfortable in every day life.  The presence of masks, barriers, additional signs to follow, and the need to physically distance, makes sensory overload a more common occurrence.  Long periods of isolation at home make going out in to the community feel too busy, too noisy and too bright for many more people.

Watch for the re-launch of a new and improved Finder in 2021.

Meanwhile, contact us if you are a business or organization that would like to partner with us in our ongoing development of the Sensory Friendly Finder.

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