Sensory Friendly Solutions at Home

Create a home life that is a fit for your family as a group and as individuals.  Help meet the needs of your family’s spectrum of sensory preferences.

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact.

Find helpful podcast episodes and blog posts below.

"By putting supports in place, we can really change the landscape and opportunities."

“It was a breath of fresh air to find Sensory Friendly Solutions. Times are changing and this company is forging the way!

Our family is so thrilled to see this service available and to watch the sensory friendly network grow.  It takes a great deal of strength and effort to show up every day in a world that does not accommodate for sensory needs.

By putting supports in place, we can really change the landscape and opportunities significantly for many people and help move the world in a more inclusive direction.

Sensory Friendly Solutions is addressing a big challenge and opportunity for a very large population in Canada and worldwide and we’re thankful for this service!”

– Allison I., parent
Ontario, Canada

Become a Parent Detective

Become a Parent Detective cover

Are you wondering or worried if your child is a ‘sensory kid’? Do you think that they have an underlying problem with sensory sensitivity?  Experience sensory overload?  Have trouble with their senses?  Then become a Parent-Detective.  You become the investigator, uncovering your child’s needs and find solutions at home and school for your family. Get this guide to learn who the five people are to interview to solve the mystery of your child and the questions you need to have answered.

  • Become a parent detective
  • The five people to interview
  • Solve the mystery of your child

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Sensory Friendly Halloween cover

Resource: Sensory Friendly Halloween

Hallowe’en is a sensory-rich experience that can easily become overwhelming for many children.  Learn about sensory-friendly trick or treating to make Halloween fun for all children. 

A Visiting Santa Story cover

Resource: A Visiting Santa Story

Going to see Santa can be both exciting and challenging for children.  We have created a special story for children to help. In three formats!

At Home-Related Blog Posts

Two women walking wearing masks bumping elbows during COVID..

Sensory Overload and COVID-19

Have you considered the effect of COVID-19 on sensory overload? Face masks, physical barriers, constant hand washing or sanitizing and social isolation are all bothersome.

Young girl posing wearing sensory-friendly jumper.

Sensory-Friendly Clothing

Does your child have difficulty finding comfortable clothing? Maybe you do? People with sensory sensitivity may find certain clothes itchy, heavy or tight. Furthermore, this

Back of person's head wearing noise cancelling ear muffs and the words too busy, too noisy, too bright and the Sensory Friendly Solutions logo

Too Busy. Too Noisy. Too Bright.

This documentary about sensory-friendly really made me think. As an occupational therapy student, I often hear the words “sensory-friendly”. However, until recently, I never fully

Young boy wearing home made face shield

Face Masks for Sensory Issues

This is a personal story about one family’s experience with face masks. It is always a good idea to follow public health recommendations for face

At Home-Related Podcast Episodes

Dr. Sarah Gander.

The Social Determinants of Health: Dr. Sarah Gander

Dr. Sarah Gander, pediatrician shares her insights about the connection between our minds, our bodies and our environments. She also shares her advice that a little pause and breath is a key way to re-connect our body and our brain. Dr. Gander advocates for nature bathing as a sensory-rich experience that helps us manage sensory overload.

Maureen Bennie

The Eighth Sense with Maureen Bennie

Maureen Bennie, parent of two adult children with autism and founder of the Autism Awareness Centre teaches us about our eight sense, interoception, and how consistency and commitment make all the difference. She also introduces us to the concept of developing fluency in what works for each one of us in managing sensory overload.

Carol Stock Kranowitz

Carol Stock Kranowitz: The Out of Sync Child

Carol Stock Kranowitz, best-selling author of The Out of Sync Child talks about her 10-year journey to writing what many parents, therapists and people with sensory processing disorder consider a life-changing book that is their go-to resource. Carol also shares her best personal strategy for managing sensory overload: when we move, we are in sync.

Karine Gagner President of FDMT

Sensory Tools: Innovation with Karine Gagner

Karine Gagner, parent and sensory tool innovator is on a mission to promote everyone’s development to their fullest. Her company, FDMT not only sells sensory products worldwide, but they create their own phenomenal sensory tools, like their line of weighted products, Manimo. Karine wanted something that not only helped children with sensory overload, but also that was like a friend to them.

Dr. Winnie Dunn.

Living Sensationally with Dr. Winnie Dunn

Dr. Winnie Dunn, occupational therapist, is a world-renowned expert the sensory experience, researcher and author of the book Living Sensationally. She has pioneered our understanding of our senses and helps us recognize that sensory processing is fundamental to our brains. Dr. Dunn fills us with hope and inspires us to live sensationally.

Trish Hamilton

Trish Hamilton on Parenting Children with Autism

Trish Hamilton, mom to a boy with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder, tells parents there is nothing wrong with finding out about your child. She helps dispel fears of a diagnosis and lets us know that listening to our gut is key. Trish guides parents to find a trusted person to have in their corner, as a key to empowering a family life that manages sensory overload.

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