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Are you a business or an organization looking to become sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive?

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Find specific help At Work and For Businesses.

Want help make your business, event, location, or organization sensory-friendly?  Fill out the contact form below to reach out and hire us.  We are developing online training courses to help you.  Watch for them in early 2021.

Reach out via the contact form below if you have a business opportunity or funded research project for us that has social impact for people with sensory sensitivity or who experience sensory overload.  Businesses and organizations around the world partner with us to develop sensory-friendly solutions.

Are you a parent, educator, caregiver or person looking for sensory-friendly help?

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Find specific help At Home, At School,  At Work, and under Things to Do.

Want individual, personal help?  Reach out to a local occupational therapist.

Download a sample advocacy letter from our blog post, “Why Sensory Friendly?” Write to a local business or organization and encourage them to become sensory-friendly.  Let them know about all the helpful resources at Sensory Friendly Solutions.

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