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Two women walking wearing masks bumping elbows during COVID..

Sensory Overload and COVID-19

Have you considered the effect of COVID-19 on sensory overload? Face masks, physical barriers, constant hand washing or sanitizing and social isolation are all bothersome. Especially for people with sensory sensitivities. A recent survey reveals that COVID-19 has made sensory-friendly changes just as important. How does COVID-19 Effect Sensory Overload? There are many ways the

Young girl posing wearing sensory-friendly jumper.

Sensory-Friendly Clothing

Does your child have difficulty finding comfortable clothing? Maybe you do? People with sensory sensitivity may find certain clothes itchy, heavy or tight. Furthermore, this contributes to sensory overload. Sensory-friendly clothing is a solution! What is sensory-friendly clothing? Sensory-friendly clothing is designed for people with sensory sensitivities. Moreover, it has several unique features. Oftentimes, it

Picture of the Sensory Garden at Kingsbrae

Have You Experienced a Sensory Garden?

A sensory garden is a wonderful experience for people of all ages. If you have a child with a sensory processing disorder, sensory sensitivities, or autism, it may be hard to find experiences that are sensory-friendly. Many adults also find environments too busy, noisy and bright. This can lead to sensory overload and feeling anxious

Outdoor sculpture

Sensory-Friendly Tourism: A Sculpture Trail

What are sculpture trails? Sculpture traits are public paths that feature outdoor sculptures from different artists. Sculpture trails exist around the world. Furthermore, these trails are typically explored by hiking or driving along them. This ensures that many people can access and enjoy the pieces of art. Finally, sensory-friendly sculpture trails are an added bonus!

Young woman sitting at table on her laptop in a meeting.

Make Your Virtual Meetings Sensory-Friendly

Work from home and virtual workspaces are now common. Many small and large businesses and organizations have adopted remote work. Did you know that hosting sensory-friendly virtual meetings helps your remote workforce? Especially employees with sensory sensitivities. The same is true for personal online gatherings or meetings. Hosting a sensory-friendly virtual meeting helps everyone on

Back of person's head wearing noise cancelling ear muffs and the words too busy, too noisy, too bright and the Sensory Friendly Solutions logo

Too Busy. Too Noisy. Too Bright.

This documentary about sensory-friendly really made me think. As an occupational therapy student, I often hear the words “sensory-friendly”. However, until recently, I never fully understood what the term sensory-friendly truly meant. Most importantly, I did not understand how to make a location or an event sensory-friendly. And like most people, I thought that only

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At Home

Create a home life that is a fit for your family as a group and as individuals. Small sensory-friendly changes have huge impact.

At School

Manage student sensory sensitivity and sensory overload at school to foster development and learning.

At Work

Make your team productive and happy at work. Be comfortable working from home. Feeling comfortable in co-working spaces and public office buildings is an ongoing challenge.  

Things To Do

Find and choose sensory-friendly events and locations to make everyday life easier when sensory sensitivity or sensory overload are a challenge.

For Businesses

Make customers and clients feel comfortable at your event or location.  A better customer experience means new and returning clients


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