Discover sensory-friendly solutions for daily life.

We help people, businesses, and organizations adopt sensory-friendly solutions. Learn about sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.  Find easy ways to enjoy sensory-friendly living at home, school, work, in your community and when you travel. Discover simple ways for your business or organization to offer sensory-friendly experiences to your customers and clients.

Our short documentary showcases real-life sensory-friendly events and locations. Learn from people who share their stories of everyday sensory challenges and their solutions.

“I think that idea of it’s a spectrum really takes away this kind of idea that you’re sensory sensitive or you’re not.”  

–Maggie Higgins, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Saint John Arts Centre.

What We Offer


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At Home

Find help to manage sensory challenges at home with your family.

At School

Get resources to handle sensory challenges at school.

At Work

Adapt to sensory challenges at the home office or workplace with sensory-friendly tools.

Things To Do

Discover sensory-friendly things to do in the community.

For Businesses

Learn how to offer sensory-friendly experiences at your event or location.

What We’ve Done

2020 was a challenging year. Like everyone else, we tried to help in any way possible. So we reached out and connected with people, businesses and organizations around the world, and forged new partnerships. Together, we found small and big ways to make the world more sensory-friendly, inclusive and accommodating.

Sensory Friendly Solutions: Podcast

Download, subscribe and listen to the world’s first podcast about sensory challenges and sensory-friendly solutions in everyday living.

Hear conversations with international experts, parents and people with their personal sensory challenges, all champions who bring sensory-friendly solutions to life around the world.

People gathered around a table with various diagrams showing partnership.


Collaboration is in our DNA as a social enterprise. Here are some examples of our 2020 partnerships:

Sensory Friendly Finder

Launched in 2019, our Sensory Friendly Finder is the first global sensory-friendly directory.

We are working diligently to improve the real-time information about sensory-friendly experiences we map and list for you.

Look for our Sensory Friendly Finder’s re-launch in 2021 with listings of sensory-friendly events and locations worldwide.

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